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For Dachau


Titel: „For Dachau"

Year: 2001

Lenght: 02´02´´ min

Music: J.F. Händel, Xerxes, Arie des Arsamenes „non sò se sia la speme“

The animation For Dachau is based on a solo exhibition. It refers on the one hand to the baroque Renaisanc castle in Town and on the other hand to the Nazi past with the concentration camp on site.

In my animation a man dances to the music of Handel. It is the aria of "Xerxes", which was composed for a castrato and is sung here by the counter-tenor Christopher Robson.

The song is:

I don't know if it is hope that keeps me alive or my bitter pain.

I know that my soul has groaned since the joy of my heart was snatched from me.

© Almut Determeyer